Invoicing Software Reviews and Taxes Guide

One of the keys to professional business and personal finance is the right Invoicing Software. A comprehensive and thoroughly professional invoice goes a long way in showing a customer that they have chosen the correct business to work with, and may even help the client feel better represented as they can fully see the breakdown of all costs incurred in their transactions. However, choosing the proper software for you and your clients’ needs can be a tricky process with many on the market claiming to be top dog. Let’s take a look at the reviews of some of the leading Invoice Software on the market.

One of the highest rated Invoicing Software on the market is known as FreshBooks. This is a Gold Award winning software available for use on smartphones and tablets that allows quick and easy invoices with billing attached to be sent to clients to go through its simplified but aesthetically pleasing interface. All invoices remove most of the manual elements from your hands such as taxes, item codes, payment terms, allowing save able clients, and can be easily paid online by your client when received. This is very popular for small businesses as it can save much of the headache involved with number crunching while giving all features needed to properly document and bill a client and being very clean looking while doing so. The con here is that Freshbooks does not offer batch invoicing, and if needed may not be the correct choice for you.

For purely invoicing purposes it is hard to beat Zoho as a top contender. Number one it is incredibly easy to use, as there’s no software involved. Zoho is a purely online service that is ready out of the gate once your account is set up. All items and customers are easily adjustable from their saved versions without having to deal with changing it permanently, completely customizable invoices with the option of using your own standard templates if needed as well without the two interfering with each other. Multiple currencies are also featured on the same account, from yen to CAD to USD, all currencies are accepted easily and natively without fiddling with your account in anyway. Invoices can be personalized to have your own logo and whatever else you need to help your branding. Zoho is a great compromise between the freedom of a complicated program while still allowing ease of use throughout. The one caveat being there is no live chat if you run into problems, so for those that are not the most technically adept may take heed to this service.

On the customizability side of things SliQ probably takes the cake. This is a software that requires downloading, but setting up the account is quite simple and walks you through each step of the process and can all be edited at a later time if needed. SliQ keeps full track of your products and customers which you can then manually add and edit to where they are needed in your lists. The system is also capable of keeping track of inventory and reminding one when their stock is dropping and it is time to reorder. Every single element of your invoice page is completely customizable down to the tax rates from tax rebate guide. Color, text, positioning, fonts, logos, and whatever else you may want to include can be easily set up through SliQ. This product also lacks phone support and live chat, though there are videos included to help you through the process.

Quickbooks is another very popular choice for Invoicing Software, used by companies like are Uniform Refund Specialist. This company offers a tiered service with varying pay rates depending on the need by your company, the basic essentials though does cover billing and invoicing service. This is an online service that is set up in an easy to navigate way with a great UI. There is a lot to this software, and if all you’re looking for is billing and invoicing you may want to look elsewhere as Intuit Quickbooks has much to offer. You can log onto the online platform from any computer as it does not require the download of any files, set up is quick and simple by entering basic company information and then uploading your logo to their servers. An overview of all invoices that are open, including overdue and paid is available right on the home screen with a toolbar on the left that organizes the main options. All products and customers are automatically saved to the database which can save time for your business. Invoices, once created, can be set up in a number of ways including reoccurring payments from daily through yearly. Once the customer opens the email with their invoice sent from Intuit Quickbooks they have access to all payment options you have let be available through their private portal the email allows them to access. You can choose from ACH bank transfers, swiped or keyed credit cards, mobile card readers, or even just post payments to the customer’s account. Quickbooks offers excellent customer service with live chat, phone support, tutorials, and a large community forum. There are some navigation problems with this software as certain options tend to be hidden behind pages of links, for instance finding the live chat requires you to peruse the problems on your own to be able to talk to them.

These are just a few of the most popular invoicing services, but it should give you an idea of what the differences between the major invoicing software are. There is a fine balance of customizability, ease of use, and the offering of additional services that is maintained making each software slightly different from the next. Most of these software offer a free trial for this very reason, and one should be sure to take full advantage of this opportunity to ensure a professional, clean, responsive, and accessible invoice for you and your clients benefit. The proper invoice software can take a small business to the next level of professionalism if the correct one is diligently chosen.